Columbus Pale Ale


This is the 7th in our single hop series, brewed exclusively with Columbus hops. Columbus hops are one of the main hops in Pako’s IPA. It is bright, fruity, and spicy. ABV 5.3% IBUs 60



Dark Kristall


This Bavarian style Dunkleweizen (dark wheat) is fermented with a yeast that creates subtle flavors of fruit and spice. This is a filtered, darker version of our Hoback Hefeweizen. It’s brewed with chocolate rye malt in the grain bill that adds color and roasted flavors. The powers of good and evil struggle to possess The Dark Kristall! ABV 5% IBU 12



Nice Finnish – Sahti


This is a rustic farmhouse ale from Finland. Barley, wheat and rye mash filtered on a bed of locally gathered juniper boughs and then run-off through an aspen log trough known as a “Kuurna.” A blend of yeasts creates a wild character. Slighty sweet with herbal, juniper and woody notes. 10 oz Snifter pour. ABV 7.0% IBUs 0



Fireweed IRA


Fireweed India Red Ale is a scarlet-amber, hoppy concoction powered by Mosaic, Chinook and Sorachi Ace hops. Medium sessionable, pungently dank.

ABV 6.5%

IBUs 55



Pilgrim Creek Porter


This is a London style brown porter brewed with English chocolate “coffee” malt and hopped with Fuggle and East Kent Golding hops. Its a well balanced beer with chocolate malt flavors and low bitterness. “Smooth and Easy Drinking!” ABV 4.8% IBU 28




White Snake


This is an unfiltered white pale ale fermented with French saison yeast, and lightly spiced with coriander , ginger and orange peel. This refreshing summer ale is well hopped with Cascade and Sorachi Ace. ABV 5.6% IBU 50



Buffalo Brown


This is an English style brown ale with a balanced toasty malt flavor. Fermented with a special English yeast and hopped with fuggles. ABV 4.8% 30 IBU



YB Bitter


This is a classic English ordinary bitter brewed with Maris Otter Malt and hopped with Fuggles and Kent Goldings hops. It has an amber hue, and a malty, toasty, biscuity flavor. This unfiltered ale is a session beer that is designed for drinking. ABV 4.0% IBUs 46



Exp. 07270


This pale ale is the sixth beer in our single hop series. These golden colored, hoppy beers are brewed with the same recipe, only the hop changes. Exp. 07270 pale ale is brewed with the yet unnamed hop 07270. This hop is still in the trial stages, but shows definite potential! Let us know what you think of the beer and the hop characteristics. There are aromas of tangerine and orange.



I Never Slice Pale Ale


This modern day American Pale Ale is hopped with newer hop varieties, Mosaic and El Dorado.  El Dorado adds a juciy note of cherry and pear, while the Mosaic brings a more pungent piney, citrus character.  Salesman extraordinaire, Derek Beardsley helped with the concept and brewing of this hoppy pale ale made especially for a PGA event in Boise ID.  Swing hard, look up early.  6%ABV  IBU’s 50



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