Olde Distraction


An English Old Ale full of malt sweetness intended to keep you warm on a cold, snowy day.  A big, copper colored beer with notes of dark fruit and caramel.  8% ABV 80 IBU



Little Panda


This Belgian brown (bruin) ale has rich raisin-like dark malt flavors.  A Belgian yeast strain produces fruity esters and spicy phenolics creating a beer that is complex with a dry tart finish.  ABV 5.1% IBU’s 25



Holla-Day Porter


This porter is brewed with Ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cocoa nibs, brown sugar, and pumpkin. This festive dark ale was lovingly created by Jena Quakenbush, one of our lovely bartenders!  It is deep ruby in color and has an aroma of chocolate and spice.  Perfect for a dessert on a cold autumn night! 7% ABV 15 IBU’s



Snake Charmer IPA


Snake Charmer IPA has all the hoppiness of an IPA with slightly less alcohol. Light in color and body but highly aromatic.  ABV 4.9%  IBU’s 40.



Broken Arrow Amber


Broken Arrow Amber is an american style amber ale. Generous dry hopping gives this ale a fruity, citrus aroma that is balanced well with caramel malt. ABV 5.4% IBUs 35



Mommy’s Little Monster IPA


This American IPA is loaded with Chinook, El Dorado, and Mosaic hops. This is Mommy’s Little Monster, we’re not afraid to admit! It will make you go out drinking with the boys, it will make you go out and make some noise! ABV 7% IBU 60



Columbus Pale Ale


This is the 7th in our single hop series, brewed exclusively with Columbus hops. Columbus hops are one of the main hops in Pako’s IPA. It is bright, fruity, and spicy. ABV 5.3% IBUs 60



Dark Kristall


This Bavarian style Dunkleweizen (dark wheat) is fermented with a yeast that creates subtle flavors of fruit and spice. This is a filtered, darker version of our Hoback Hefeweizen. It’s brewed with chocolate rye malt in the grain bill that adds color and roasted flavors. The powers of good and evil struggle to possess The Dark Kristall! ABV 5% IBU 12



Nice Finnish – Sahti


This is a rustic farmhouse ale from Finland. Barley, wheat and rye mash filtered on a bed of locally gathered juniper boughs and then run-off through an aspen log trough known as a “Kuurna.” A blend of yeasts creates a wild character. Slighty sweet with herbal, juniper and woody notes. 10 oz Snifter pour. ABV 7.0% IBUs 0



Fireweed IRA


Fireweed India Red Ale is a scarlet-amber, hoppy concoction powered by Mosaic, Chinook and Sorachi Ace hops. Medium sessionable, pungently dank.

ABV 6.5%

IBUs 55



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