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Say THAT fast three times! People obviously butcher this all the time but there was a period in history when the French speaking mountain men passed through Jackson’s Hole and started doling out place names. That’s  how the Tetons were named! The Gros Ventre River flows into the Snake and runs a chocolatey brown color during the spring run off. Later English speaking trappers did their best to phonetisize this for us and so you will see Gro Vont sometimes used. Now you can see how the “Grovonster” is truly a “monster” of a beer!

In fact the Grosventrester is the invention of local homebrewer Steve Melanson and it was his winning entry in the 2011 first annual Teton County Fair Homebrew Contest last July. We sponsored the contest and had a respectable 18 entries (for a town our size) and Steve’s Baltic Porter came out on top as Grand Champion. The prize was to brew a big batch here in the pub.

L to R: Colby Cox, "Holey Foamers" brew club president, Rob Denton SRB pro brewer and Steve Melanson, Grosventrster creator in the brewhouse.

After just a week on tap, this strong, hoppy Baltic Porter is garnering a loyal following among locals, visitors and beer geeks. Fermented with lager yeast and chock full of dark roasted grains, this is a perfect mid winter warmer for apres-ski or just plain hunkering down. Come in soon to try one, another in the series of specialty and experimental brews coming out of our 10 barrel R+D mini-me tank. It won’t last forever people! Thanks to our local homebrewers for their passion and their support of great beer!

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