Summer Brewers, Part B

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If you’re like me and you hear the name Hieronymus this is probably what you think of :


The Hell panel from the Garden of Earthly Delights, Hieronymus Bosch, circa 1500.

No…? Well then you must know the beer world and the last name Hieronymus.  It carries a lot of knowledge and prestige, a la STAN Hieronymus, famous beer author, homebrewer and blogger.  Stan’s brother’s kid is Cameron Hieronymus and he showed up here as our other summer brewer. So beer geeks get ready to be confused and astounded as more and more Hieronymuses (Hieronymusi?) make their reputations in the craft beer world.

Cameron plunged himself/was plunged into full bore wort production as soon as we got our hooks into him! Cam is amazingly passionate about beer; so much so, that after only two months working here we tasked him with his first signature series. The result is Slow Guy Ale, a Belgain style “single”.  Imagine the monks in an abbey brewing  a simple table beer to fortify themselves at mealtimes and that might be your “single”. They would devote the rest of their production to Dubbels, and Tripels to sell to weary travelers and tourists in order to meet the financial obligations of their order.

Now as far as the name goes, that has to do with a footrace against Acacia and a sandbagging mountain bike ride with the rest of the brew crew.  I’ll just leave the finishing order of those events up to your imagination!

cam With a little luck we’re going to have to try and keep Mr Hieronymus here a little longer if we can…

With a break-out signature series like The Slow Guy, we can hardly wait to see what he’ll come up with next!

slow guy art

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  • tim

    Cam is AWESOME! Maybe his uncle will come and taste some of the fruits of Cam’s labors!

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