Rye Not? IPA

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Last week, I got to write a recipe for a new beer with my fellow brewer, Cameron! We had been talking about it for a couple weeks so we had a general idea of what we wanted- rye in the grain bill, Belgian yeast, and a good amount of hops. Luckily for us we had a bag of Rye Malt lying around the warehouse from Weyermann, Belgian yeast from Wyeast propped into Mini Me ready to ferment some wort, and our pick of hops from our hop cooler. We sniffed around the hop cooler for a little while trying to decide what kind of flavors we wanted and eventually settled on El Dorado, Willamette, and Golding. We used El Dorado for the bittering hops and a combination of El Dorado, Willamette, and Golding for the finishing hops. Its fermenting now, and I think its going to be pretty tasty! We just brewed 1 batch to fill our 15 bbl Mini Me fermenter so it will be a limited release! I’ll let you all know when its about to come out on tap so you can come in and taste it!


Mini Me fermenting away!

Cheers to the Belgian Rye PA, Rye Not? IPA!


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