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Watching the sun rise as I started an early morning brew


Look at all the grain bags I carried!

Hello there! I’m a new brewer (again) and I’m going to start writing about the (mis)adventures of being a lady brewer/brewster here at Snake River Brewing! Based on my last stint here, I should have some entertaining stories to share with you all…

As many do, I moved to Jackson the summer after graduating from college. I started working at this here Snake River Brewery on July 4th, and I worked at the front of the house for almost two years. Somewhere along the line I thought I ought to learn how to home brew since I had access to all these brewers! So I bothered and pestered them until they showed me how*. Thus began my love of brewing beer. I was the brewing intern the summer of 2010 (after proving that I could carry 55 pound grain bags, and successfully dump the spent grain). Despite enjoying that experience, after 2 ½ years in Jackson, I moved away for about 3 ½ years, went to graduate school and got a “real” job**. I was clearly not cut out for the stuffy atmosphere, as I got in trouble twice within my first week for inappropriate clothing choices (trail running shoes and plain black t-shirts are not business casual attire, even while wearing fancy pants! Who knew?). I was feeling especially lost after another day of unfulfilling office work when I received this text message from Snake River Brewing’s head brewer, Cory Buenning, “We are building a lab at the brewery. We will have a job opening that will be half lab work, half brewing. Any interest?” A job where I get to nerd out ½ the time and brew ½ the time?! It sounded too good to be true. And with that, we moved back to Jackson just in time to ski the resort a few times.

The lab at the brewery is not yet completely functional, but I’ve gotten to start brewing solo after a couple retraining sessions. It feels great to be back in town and to be brewing beer again! I’ll keep you updated on the progress of the lab, and any brewing adventures!



*Warning- do not attempt this method on the older brewer, or probably any of the brewers…
** I moved to Oregon for my partner’s job. We lived in Portland for a year, and then moved down to Eugene, Oregon where I got a Master’s degree in Geology at the University of Oregon. I studied aqueous biogeochemistry (or the rate that microbes grow and chemically alter their environment in underground water reservoirs). With my new degree, I started working at a government lab researching carbon sequestration. While that job looked good on paper, it was insanely boring! I sat at a desk staring at a computer for 8 hours every day, data mining, writing reports, and going to meetings. So, that didn’t work out. 

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