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Here at Snake River Brewing, we focus on quality in every aspect of the brewing process. One of the most important places for quality is in the packaging of our beers. The biggest enemy to packaged beers is oxygen. Oxygen trapped in the package contributes to flavor degradation, and the greater the amount of oxygen, the worse the damage. The affect of oxygen on packaged beer can vary greatly, depending on the storage temperature, type of beer, and yeast content. Oxygen is bad, so we test the Dissolved Oxygen (and CO2) with our Gehaltemeter…

Can Piercer

                      Can-piercer in action

The contraption on the left is a can-piercer, and the machine on the right is our Gehaltemeter, which can measure dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide.

BUT if we just tested the beer right off the canning line, we would only be testing the dissolved oxygen in the liquid ignoring the oxygen in the head space that would eventually become dissolved oxygen in the liquid. If we want an accurate representation of the total dissolved oxygen in a can, we need to equilibrate the head space gases and dissolved gases in the liquid. Most breweries do this by shaking the cans for 5 minutes. We also shake our cans for 5 minutes, but instead of using a very expensive “shaker table” we use a paint shaker!

Can Shaker Picture

          Can Shaker in action

It is held together by two metal pieces and ski strap, because here at Snake River Brewing we are ingenious and brilliant and strange and creative and adaptable.

Metal Box

       Metal 6 pack holder

                          with cans!

If you want to watch a video of the process, check it below!






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