Pumpkenbush Porter

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Our own Jena Quakenbush is making her annual fall excursion into the brewery to produce her beloved pumpkin beer.


 Jena stirring the mash

This years version is slightly different than her previous brews. This fall celebrational beer is a dark robust porter with spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice) and coca nibs but no pumpkin. We tried to avoid the earthy, vegetal components that actual pumpkin contributes to the beer by forgoing it entirely and focusing on the spices instead! Think of this as a pumpkin pie with a chocolate gram cracker crust… You’ve got all the pumpkin pie spices plus the cocoa nibs, which adds complex bitter chocolate flavors but little sweetness.


     spice bag dropping!


   Cocoa Nibs do not melt…

The entire building smelled AMAZING. I cannot wait to taste it.

This beer will be spicy with a hint sweetness and comforting on a cold, dark fall night- just like our Jena!

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