P.U.B. Bike Expo II

Pretty Unique Bikes (P.U.B.) Expo II was held this past November 1st, 2nd and 3rd. We started this little show last year to highlight the efforts of the local, custom framebuilders we have in our little mountain town. We also had local collectors bring in vintage and unique cycles. We had a great turnout and decided to go for number II which was a great success with a slew of new bikes and only two repeaters. For 2011 we extended the show to three days and we gave the public a chance to vote for their favorite P.U.B.

A custom hand built steel cross bike. Owner: Warren Ostler. Builder: Tim Hoff, Hoff's Bikesmith

A few oldies came out of the woodwork. Keith Benefiel built his own road frame back in 1976 and she’s still going strong.

Keith's handbuilt 1976 Benefiel


All told seven local framebuilders had bikes on display. Drew Gillingwators of Greybike had his first urban hipster single speed hanging in the show.

Drew's first Greybike SS

The focus for two builders, Shane Dawson and Tim Hoff has been on swing bikes. basically your top tube pivots at the fork and also right in front of your seat tube. The crazy frame designs inspire a few more flourishes than just the standard double diamond of a normal bike.

hey, how come the wheels don't "line up"???


A Shane Dawson headbadge affixed to the Tim Hoff Swinger


Shane Dawsons King of Swing won the people’s choce for best in show. The buttressed bridge of a top tube and his intricate paint job swayed the voters.

Shane's sublime King of Swing

Carl Detwyler builds his own bikes for his own pleasure. he’s been turning out one frame a year for the last three years. This year he built a 29er dir road touring machine. His earlier Pingora I was a high vote getter among visitors to the show.

A class touring bike, handbuilt by Carl Detwyler

Pingora I detail

Pingora I Detail







Pingora’s lugged construction

Jack Koehler had a business building custom bikes for riders and racers throughout the  nineteen eighties.  While he still lives in town he no longer works in the bike biz but his custom built beauties ride on and on.

80's Purple fade paint


Mike Lowham formerly of Jackson and now living in Lander has built lots of custom crazies but he always includes some nice details like this “JH” heaad badge on a road bike he built for brother Doug.

Besides the handbuilts we got to show other unique bikes. Our local hometown hero “Jay P” Petervary had just recently completed his No Idle Tour an amazing solo trifecta dedicated to the memory of Willie Neal and reminding us all to turn off the car engine when you don’t need it (dammit!).  Below is a pic of the Orbea Alma that he rode to a new record time on the Tour Divide route from Banff, Canada to the Mexican border. And keep in mind you’re seeing it fully loaded just as he rode it for 2745 miles in 17 days, 9 hours!

There were many other bikes in the show and we do expect to keep the Expo alive for as long as new bikes are built and new collectors come out of the woodwork with vintage curiosities.

Thanks to everyone involved and see you next year for P.UB. Epo III!

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