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New tanks with Snow King in the background

We got a delivery from Marks Design and Metal Works! We are expanding our brewing capabilities! And in order to do that, we need more fermenters and tanks. We need to clear out some space, and rearrange a barrel/filter/chemical brink or two, but we are excited to have them! We got 2 15 barrel fermenters, 2 60 barrel fermenters, and a 60 barrel brite/bright tank.


Chris, our head of brewing operations, takes a gander into one of the brand new 15 barrel fermenters!


moving a tank to the parking lot… now we have to figure out how to get them into the building


man, that’s big!


an upside down fermenter still in the shop

A barrel is a unit in brewing that roughly translates to 31 gallons. The abbreviation, bbl, is often used, which is short for beer barrel. We have a 15 bbl brew house, so 2 brews fill a 3o bbl fermenter, and 4 brews fill a 60 bbl fermenter. Now we have 3 15 bbl fermenters, we can do even more specialty beers! Is there a style of beer you think we should do that we haven’t?





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    Oatmeal stout come winter!

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