Monarch Pilsner- the best summer beer?

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The website Thrillist wrote a list of the best summer beers in each state… and guess what they picked for Wyoming?!?!? Well, you are correct. Monarch! I for one would have to agree. There is nothing quite like a light, dry, crisp Pilsner on a hot summer day, whether you’re floating on the river, having a picnic by Jenny Lake, relaxing after a big hike or bike ride, or just unwinding from another long day. Ah, so refreshing!


The Monarch, an eight point bull elk (eight point = number of points on his antlers!), is the King of the forest in the Tetons. (Elk hunting is a very very important hobby/activity for most of our brewers… they like an excuse to romp around in the woods with their bros, drinking whiskey and potentially providing meat for their families (and friends sometimes!).) Pilsners are the beers of Kings, originating in Plzen, Czech Republic. This is a light colored lager beer with a flowery hop aroma followed by a rich, malty sweetness ending with a firm bitterness.

Here is what the Thrillist website had to say about the Monarch:

Snake River Monarch

Pilsner, 5%
For a state with so few people, choosing a best locally made summer beer is a huge pain… which is to say, Wyoming has some surprisingly great beer. Not a bad problem to have. We were tempted to go big with one of Melvin’s mega-bombs, but the state’s oldest brewery, Snake River, happens to have a gold-medal Pilsner that’s just about the perfect American take on the Czech classic. And as far as “drink a cooler full of these cans while just kind of gazing into the glorious expanses of Wyoming and pondering the meaning of the universe under a crystal-clear sky” beers go, the Monarch beats SR’s own session IPA, which would be the conventional choice. Nope. This Pilsner wins summer in a state that might be one of the best summer destinations in the US.

Cheers to summer!

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