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We needed fermenters to meet the record growth we’ve been experiencing. We have a tank farm full of random things from all over the globe, USA, China, eastern Europe. After learning about Marks Design and Metal Works, We knew it was time to park our dollars right here in the good ‘ol US of A. And boy am I glad we did!

I just got back from a quickie road trip to see our tanks in progress and while I knew we had picked a good fabricator in Ryan Marks, I was absolutely blown away by his shop and staff! The place is huge with multiple overhead bridge cranes, aircraft sized doors and a crew of 45 guys and gals cutting and welding away. (job creators!) Located in Vancouver WA, part of the greater Portland OR environs, craft beer is just oozing from every pour (yep, pun).

I’m stoked I got to see under the skin because Ryan Marks uses some bomber construction in areas that are later covered up. Since I like to sleep at night, it was great to see the innards. Interior finishes are insanely clean/cleanable. These guys are really going for the quality not just giving it lip service. Thanks for the tour Loui Arnold!

They had multiple jobs going and we were in good company with many tanks and brewhouses being built for “breweries that you’ve heard of”.

If you’re out there shopping for tanks, check these guys out. When they do become the number one tank manufacturer, I’ll be able to say I told you so!

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