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the streets flooded with beer

Today is the anniversary of the London Beer Flood of 1814! 202 years ago, large brewing vats exploded in the Horse Shoe Brewery flooding the streets of London with 323,000 gallons of beer. One of the metal rings encircling the wooden fermentation vessel snapped, weakening it enough to rupture. The force of the rupture was so powerful, it knocked over several other vats within the brewery.


an engraving of a brewery during that time period

There was a 15 foot tall wave of beer (specifically of Porter) that took out a wall within the brewery, destroyed at least 2 homes, collapsed a wall of a pub down the street on impact, and killed 8 people. A ninth victim died the next day from alcohol poisoning…  Some think this disaster was the inspiration to move away from wooden fermentation vessels.


surfing a beer wave on a barrel…

People attempted to sue the brewery, but the disaster was ruled an “Act of God” by the courts… suspicious, eh? They continued brewing beer until closing in 1921.

Don’t worry, Jackson residents, we have stainless steel fermentation vessels! We only use barrels to age beer and for secondary fermentation, not for the rollicking primary fermentation.

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