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Women were the original brewers (called Brewsters)! Brewing was part of the household chores, just like baking bread, which meant it was women’s work. It wasn’t until brewing beer became commercial (and profitable) did men take over. Now it is thought of as a male dominated profession (which I guess it currently is…), but historically it has been a woman’s profession! This is an awesome article about women is brewing- in the recent past and currently.


Cooking with beer! I cook with beer, but mostly I just use it to deglaze a pan. I love learning new ways to use beer in the kitchen! It can add so much flavor! I don’t know if Ice Cream Floats really counts as “cooking” with beer, but they are one of the most delicious desserts ever invented. If you have never had one… go do that right now. Stout + literally any kind of ice cream = heaven on earth.


Artificial Intelligence brewing beer…. It’s actually not that scary! A beer recipe is tweaked by an algorithm that is based off multiple choice questions answered by real people. So the machines haven’t completely taken control yet! Algorithms are starting to though…


How craft beer brewers influence science! This New Yorker article explores the relationship between a brewers and a scientist on a hop quest.


If you’re feeling even nerdier… here is an article all about Bart Watson, the resident economist at the Brewer’s Association.




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