Late Spring, Early Summer Updates

Well let’s see… We quit bottling altogether and are now putting all of our mainline beers into cans. (If you’re in the market for a used bottling line gimme a call!)

We won a medal at the  World Beer Cup in San Diego. 

World Beer Cup 2012 Intro from Brewers Association on Vimeo.

It was a Silver for Serpent Cerise.

Wyoming contingent at the Gala Dinner. SRB Natinal Sales Director Tim Harland with  Brewmaster Richie Strom of Wind River Brewing, Pinedale, Wyoming.            


We won three medals at the North American Brewers Fest. Gold for Paintbrush Pilsner, Silver for Zonker Stout and Bronze for Snake River Pale Ale.












We picked up about 4500 square feet of storage when our old tenant Fitzgerald’s Bicycles moved out. We’re awaiting two 60 bbl tanks to bump up  our capacity.

We’re offering public tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3pm. We will be adding more tours on more days just as soon as we get our hospitality staff all trained up.


We are just about to announce who the M.U.G. Beer Drinker of the Year (BDOY) will be for 2012.


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  • Dennis Tarrant

    The Beer Can is back! Bottles are passé folks. I had my first Snake River Beer while staying in Jackson last week. This is GOOD beer.

    How do we get it on shelves and in taps in Colorado?

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