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I would like to introduce the newest additions to our brewing team: Keith and Nathan!





Keith is a full time brewer who just moved back to town. He has been brewing professionally the last couple of years and has a ton of experience and beer knowledge!

Nathan is our summer brewing intern. He might be familiar from working in the front of the house for the last year. He is new to brewing but super enthusiastic, a quick learner, and a hard worker!


Nathan crushing in for his brew


Keith enjoying the sunshine

We are stoked to have these two help us through the busy busy summer season here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming! If you see them around, give them a high five (or a hard time)! And don’t be afraid to ask them questions- they are both knowledgeable AND friendly!

Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend! Enjoy that sunshine! Stop in for a pint on one of our decks!



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