Hangin’ on the Male Rail

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Sean and Chris

Sean and Chris

I’m going to let you in on a little inside information. That place where all the locals (and emps) hang out and block your access to the main room is called the Male Rail… Well, have YOU ever seen a girl there? Um, nope didn’t think so… Without the male rail you gotta wonder where these patrons would hang out. Would they mingle and meet new friends? The love of their life? Try a beer style besisdes Pale?  Well, no use fighting it. Instead we brewed these loyal-est of all customers their own beer, ta-da: Male Rail Pale Ale. MRPA emulates the bigger, bolder Northwest Pales using a plethora of Chinook and Amarillo hops.  The light amber color is a result of just one half of one percent roasted barley added to the grain bill. So come on down, order yourself an MRPA and elbow your way in with the crowd.  (Male Rail goes on tap this Saturday evening)

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