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We put a “frost rail” in our new and improved upstairs bar, and Chris made sure there were toys to play with…

[edit: Chris, our head of brewing operations, who can be seen below playing with the frost bar toys, would like me to clarify that the actual point of the frost bar is not for the toys, but to keep your beer cold. We recently swapped out our 16 ounce pint glasses for 20 ounce imperial pint glasses. 20 ounces is a lot of beer to drink fast enough to keep cold! So, if you’re a slow drinker or just love your beer ice cold, come sit at the upbar, keep your beer on the frost rail, and enjoy 20 ounces of cold cold beer!]
chris 1

practicing plowing snow

chris 2

I think its mainly adults who play with them…

And here’s a photo I took of our brew system during my last 5am brew… sometimes I feel artsy when I’m deliriously tired. I had a rough day last week where I made a costly mistake when I forgot to close a valve. The day after, I had the early morning brew and it was a nice way to come back to work- alone in the brewery before the sunrise, blasting music (broken social scene pandora station for me that morning), and going through the routine of a brew. Plus, I didn’t fuck anything up during the brew! I’ll count that as a win.


brew system

in the quiet of an early morning

I hope you all have 4th of July plans! I’ll probably watch the fireworks in front of Snow King, our town hill, while enjoying a can or two of Monarch Pilsner. Cheers!

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