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Olaf, the ranch manager at Mead Ranch, gave us a tour of the ranch and walked us through what he does every single day after he picks up a trailer full of our spent grain. He takes our brewing spent grain to Mead Ranch to supplement the grass diet of their cattle. And then we use beef from their cattle for our burgers. Full circle! Farm to Table Brewery to Ranch to Table! The cattle at Mead Ranch are grass-fed, free roaming, happy cows.  They are treated so well out there, plus they have better views than most of the Jackson community! Check out this blog from the winter of 2010 for pictures of the ranch covered in snow!

olaf and pat

Olaf  (or Oly) on the left and his one and only ranch hand on the right- they gave us an amazing tour of the Mead Ranch property, the beautiful views of the Tetons might have helped…

barn and tetons

full dump at the srb     He picks up the trailer full of spent grain every morning at 8am

full dump at the ranchThen he drives the trailer out to the Mead Ranch, which is only 3 miles from Snake River Brewing. 

emptying the dump

Dumping the grain out of the trailer 

filling the portable feeders

Scooping the grain into feed troughs for the cattle 

driving the grain to the cows

Driving the spent grain out to the fields for the cattle 

cows with grain

Cattle enjoying the nutritious spent grain! 

curious cows

Curious Cows 

listening to olaf

Olaf drove us around the ranch telling us about all about how they raise and handle their beef. He also told us some great stories about the ranch and cattle- he has been with the Mead family a long time! 

And now some gratuitous ranch shots, because it was just so beautiful…

saddle horses hay bales happy cows alpha cow

Alpha bull! 

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