East Jackson Malt Liquor… shall return

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Ex-Brewer (now flight nurse!) Mike McDonnell was in the brewhouse the other day to re-create his notorious East Jackson Malt Liquor. Rob was hanging out to lend a helping hand. Old timers will recall the powerful EJML that knocked many on their asses! Just like a domestic variety, East Jackson Malt Liquor is cram packed with barley and good ‘ol corn flakes to get that Original Gravity WAAAY up there!

Rob and Mike getting ready to brew

Rob and Mike getting ready to brew

Funny to observe that the Brits refer to their strong ales as Barleywines (oh, so sophisticated) But for us Yanks, it’s Malt LIQUOR all the way baby!!


With a beer this strong, discretion is advised but have no fear we serve it in a paper bag so no one can tell what you’re imbibing… yeah right! EJML should be ready just a few short weeks from now. Stay tuned!


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