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Craft Beer Week starts tomorrow, Monday May 12th!! Are you all excited? I am definitely excited!

We are going to be releasing a new beer every single day this week in celebration of craft beer week!

Monday we are releasing the brand new 90 Day Wunder. This is a German style Dunkel (which is a dark lager). Dunkel happens to be one of my all time favorite beer styles, and its a style that isn’t brewed all that often around these parts so you better get in here and enjoy it while you can! The nutty and toasty malts make this beer satisfying and very drinkable. The use of Munich malt as a base gives this beer its dark brown color like the beers from Franconia in northern Bavaria. German hops add a subtle earthy undertone and clean finish. ABV 4.6% IBUs 24

Tuesday we are releasing the signature brew of Dan Strevey, Danimal’s Farmhouse. Dan came back to visit and brew this batch in March. The Danimal’s is a Belgian Saison style ale spiced with grains of paradise and lemongrass, and 30% wheat malt adds to the body. This unfiltered beer has a fruity flavor with a dry finish. It is the perfect refreshing beer for an early summer evening! ABV 7%

Wednesday we are releasing the 3rd annual Wyoming Collaboration Brew. This year’s style is a Common Lager, AKA Steam Beer. It’s brewed each year in Pinedale, WY with 17 Wyoming Breweries. Steam beer is a lager that is fermented at warmer, ale temperatures. Each brewery brought 2 kegs full of their local water to add to the mix (water is very important to beer), WYeast donated the yeast, and they used Northern Brewer Hops for the blend. Each brewery also brought a bag of their own malt and Wind River Brewery provided the Crystal Malt. The Taste of the Tetons Mini Brewfest is also on Wednesday at the Q Roadhouse from 5-7:30 pm. It’s a flat rate to enter and you can taste as much beer as you like from us, Snake River Brewing, as well as from Roadhouse Brewery, Melvin Brewing, Wildlife Brewing, and Grand Teton Brewing.

Thursday we are releasing the ever popular East Jackson Malt Liquor (EJML)! Light in color, EJML is a true-to-style Malt Liquor. This corn-fortified, domestic style lager is a signature brew of Mike McDonnell and is served in a small brown paper bag. Mike says, “please ride your bike home after having one of these!” ABV 7%

Friday we are releasing this years Le Serpent, which is brewmaster Cory’s Flanders style sour brown ale. It is inoculated with multiple souring organisms and cellared in French oak barrels for a minimum of 1 year. This rare sour becomes available only for a short time on draft, but don’t worry, there are also hand-bottled, bottle-conditioned 750 ml champagne bombers you can buy and enjoy in the comfort of your own home! This is definitely a treat to have on draft so don’t miss out on expanding your palate and trying something delicious! 

Saturday we are releasing such a special brew that you might have to just swing by the pub to try it yourself! Who knows, Judy might show up and you would not want to miss that!


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