… I have a great face for radio!


Last week, my buddy Ginger Johnson interviewed me for her weekly (weekly!) Beer Radio Program on KSKQ, Ashland, Oregon’s community radio station. Only in Oregon, the hippest, beeriest state in the union can you find a weekly radio show on beer. (Portland has one too, of course!)

Ginger is well immersed in the beer world through her “Women Enjoying Beer” website. In fact, she passed through Jackson Hole in the fall of ’09 and put on a seminar for our own gang of women beer drinkers. And she’s married to a brewer, Larry Chase of Standing Stone Brewing. (Around here she’d be known as a “brewer-doer” – not sure if they roll with that out in OR…?)

My episode is archived here.

And if you are so inclined, take a look back at her other archived programs. Ginger has put many of the true beer industry Illuminati before the mic. Even if you’re not near Ashland, you can live stream the programs on Wednesday evenings!

Thanks Ginger!

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