Clean, quality beers have always been the goal for the brewers at Snake River Brewing. The hundreds of national and international brewing awards we’ve won attest to this goal being consistently met. In the year 2000 and again in 2001 we were named “Small Brewery of the Year” at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado.
For the most part, we brew our beers to style, seeking out authentic ingredients from all around the globe. Each of our brewers is tasked with concocting one or more “signature series” recipes. The result is a wide variety of lagers and ales flowing through the taps at our Brewpub. Are the brewers proud of their creations? Next time you’re at the bar just ask the person working at the kettle – hope you’ve got an hour or so to listen…

In 2006 we received USDA Organic Certification for our Organic Beer #1 (“OB-1” for short). This Organic English Style Brown Ale helps us encourage sustainable farming practices for barley and hops.

Jackson is a small town and we are a small brewery. At just 8000 barrels per year, we can devote all the attention needed to make every one of those barrels the best they can be.

Jackson Hole is a unique environment with world-class outdoor activities. It is only fitting that we craft world-class “beers to match the scenery”. Of course, we take this responsibility seriously; the brewers spend nearly as much time outdoors as they do in the brewery.

Sleep? You can do that when you’re dead!

Cory Buenning is our passionate Head Brewer

Cory Buenning is our passionate Head Brewer



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