Exposure Pale Ale


Exposure is an American-Belgo pale ale.  It  has attributes of both American and Belgian ales.  It is fermented with a Belgian yeast strain from the Westmalle abbey.  This yeast helps impart an estery and slightly phenolic aroma.  Exposure contains a high percentage of Cara-Belge malt.  This Belgian malt gives the beer a restrained caramel note and its honey color.

Unlike typical Belgian pale ales, Exposure is heavily bittered with Chinook hops.  The hops are added early in the boil to impart a firm bitterness.  Absent is the hop aroma and flavor typical of American pale ales.  This allows the fruitiness of the yeast and spices to shine.  Exposure is lightly spiced with orange peel and Buddha’s hand.  The result is a beer that is lower in alcohol and drinkable, yet quite flavorful. Exposure is a signature beer of Cory Buenning.

ABV 4.2

IBU’s  50


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